From a woman in Minneapolis, Mn.

I have been a Christian for over 25 years. Having come from an abusive, dysfunctional family background, I enlisted various Christian counselors along the way in the hopes of finding freedom from my emotional pain and the negative behavior patterns (I called them “ruts”) that resulted. But every session seemed to be only a vain exercise in digging around in painful areas of my heart without producing any concrete, lasting changes in my life. Even ministries that used various “spiritual warfare” strategies didn’t result in a lasting breakthrough. I was getting desperate and wondered if I was going to have to be in this kind of pain for the rest of my life.
It wasn’t until a friend told me about Jericho Ministry (and this after my praying and seeking after God for someone to point me to the right counselor) that I literally turned a corner in my life. It really hadn’t been for lack of effort, willingness or faith that all the other attempts at reconciling my heart with my life hadn’t succeeded. It was really for lack of knowledge of the truth and what the Bible really says about overcoming sin and pain in our lives.
That is what Jericho Ministry provided. From the very first session, where he read excerpts from various books and the Bible, I could tell this was going to be different than anything I had experienced in the past. I immediately felt Truth enter my heart.
When Tom gave me some of the articles he had written to take home, I found them to be like a surgeon’s scalpel, going directly to the root of my problems. I won’t say it wasn’t painful, but what a relief to finally know what was wrong!
The results in my life were immediate. My older children can testify to the changes in me that began and have continued to take place since I started applying the principles of truth that the Lord has given Tom from His Word and by His Spirit. One of the things they say is, “Boy, Mom! It’s quieter around here!”
I see Jericho Ministry as a direct answer to my heart’s cries to be set free. The quote on the back of his articles is true. The walls of bondage do come down and the captives are set free. I can attest to this. I was one.

I can’t recommend Jericho Ministry highly enough.

From A.D. in Spring Lake Park, MN

I just want to have the opportunity to express how much of a blessing Jericho Counseling has been to me. The way Tom has allowed the Holy Spirit to minister through him is phenomenal.
I have seen some other counselors in my past but I was never truly set free. I highly recommend Jericho Counseling to anyone who wants to be able to experience a healthy and freedom filled life.
I truly thank God for Tom and how God has used him. My life will never be the same!

Thank you, Jericho Counseling

From R.S. in Maple Grove, MN

I believe that going to Jericho Ministry for counseling, was appointed by God. The Lord had plans to heal my family long before we met Tom, but his willingness to listen to the “voice of the Spirit” and his obedience was a catalyst that set this healing in motion.
My husband and I started counseling with Tom in the fall of 2000. We were having problems with our children and we were experiencing certain behaviors and reactions that we just couldn’t seem to let go of. God had already set us free in many areas, but some issues just kept reappearing. They were wearing us down and we were tired.
God put into Tom a wealth of understanding about behaviors and “foundational root judgments.” By the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, and through Tom’s own experience the Lord has used him as a special vessel of healing in our lives.
We have begun to understand our motives and what we put before God in our lives. God has worked a great salvation in us by teaching us about how we judge and vow in the aftermath of conflict in our lives. We cannot strive or earn His salvation, we can only receive it. It is a gift of grace. Accepting that God truly loves us has been a miracle of peace to us.
No one can really know about God’s forgiveness process, that act of God’s true love, unless one confesses and has the courage to look at one’s mistakes and sins. Tom helped us to do this by loving us through the pain, helping us to realize our choices and to see the consequences of those choices.

Understanding the lies we believe, forgiving no matter whom, rejecting the evil, and asking for God’s Spirit to fill us leads us to the grace and ultimate healing.

I suggest that if the Lord prompts you to read Tom’s writings or to call him and set up a time to talk, that you act on it. It will be a turning point in your life. Your life with the Lord will never be the same.

From E. A. in Bethel, Minnesota

Tom Brass’ ministry is very powerful and anointed; it is one of the biggest blessings in my life and has become a firm foundation from which I have grown in my life.  For many years I struggled with self-destructive behaviors and problems. Even though I grew up in a good Christian home I suffered from much depression and could never understand how to attain real, lasting freedom.

When I was introduced to Tom and his ministry, I was in desperate need of help. Everything in my life was a mess and only kept falling apart; I was a very broken person who didn’t enjoy living the life I was living. While not necessarily or intentionally seeking God when I entered into counseling with Tom, God had other plans for me. God knew exactly what I needed and that is why He led me to counsel with Tom. I did not understand this in the beginning of my sessions, but as I progressed I started seeing God all over in my sessions through the revelations that He was giving to Tom to help me gain freedom in Christ.

God has gifted Tom greatly with his counseling ministry by anointing him with the ability to bring understanding and clarity together with a unique method of prayer that brings real, true and lasting transformation.  I gained, and still do gain to this day so much freedom, through his writings and through the process of prayer from the ministry that God has given Tom.  His ministry is simply amazing; amazing in how God works through him.

Not only did I gain lasting freedom through these sessions but I also learned how to continue to carry this sanctification process into my everyday life, craving more of God and who He is and wanting to be more a part of Him. I learned how to become a whole new person as well as becoming whole. God has become more real to me than anything else. I have seen His power at work, experienced His very real presence, and have become amazed by how He works in our lives. We are always still a work in progress but I am very far from who I used to be. I no longer live a life filled with depression and self-destructive behaviors.

I am always aware now, how much God loves me, and I realize now, that who I am to Him is all that matters.  If it were not for Tom and his obedience to the Lord in this counseling ministry I would not be who I am today. I can truly say God has set me free and I am alive because he saved me out of the darkness of despair and placed my foot upon the rock of Christ. Thank you Tom for your ministry, it has been a bigger blessing in my life than you will ever know! God bless!

Hey!  My name’s Mark ******.  I’m 17 years old and I live in *******, VA.      I’ve been dealing with depression and headache and dizziness for a couple years now, and I just want to say that the Foundational Root Judgements article was wonderful!!  I hadn’t realized that I was dealing with so much reliance upon the approval of others to determine my own self-worth.
I have felt a strong calling from God to minister to others.  Our church is working to begin a contemporary service, although there are a lot of in-house politics going on.  I pray that it will all work out and that God will use me to spread the joy of God’s presence in my life, either through music or through talks and lessons.
Rev. Brass’s testimony is awesome in every sense of the word.  I’d like to personally thank him for such clear articles that help to apply biblical concepts to our contemporary lives.

I’m sure that your ministry will grow and thrive because of the gospel shared from the one true vine, Jesus Christ!  You all are a blessing.

Grace and Peace,

Mark  ********

From Mary Lou in Pennsylvania.

Hi!  I am writing to say thank you for your wonderful website, of which I am sure that God has led me to.

I am so very much in awe right now, it is amazing. I am a 68 yr old woman, who has had so many childhood hurts, one of them being sexual abuse by my dad, that have affected me until today. I have gone for counseling locally, and I still do not know the peace I really need to.
As I was reading your articles, each and every one of them hit the nail on the head for me! I just wanted to let you know how you have been “Used by God.”
Thank you so much for all the info you have published on the internet!
Again, thank you for being God’s servant.

God Bless You!

A Woman from South Africa

Did a search today for Bitter Root Judgements and came across your webpage.  Found the articles “Dynamics of Repentance and Forgiveness” and “Overcoming Foundational Root Judgements”

Just wanted to say thank you – it’s a very clear, concise practical document and the practical prayer steps are a great help!

Kind regards, xxxxxxxxx

My name is Brent
I am sure you may remember me when I called you back in about February.   I had been up using many drugs and felt the devil was close to consuming me.

I am writing to thank you for being there when I really needed someone and thank the Lord for guiding me to you and working in the whole situation.  I am now in Stillwater at the Minimum Security unit of Stillwater prison.  I am taking care of old warrants and new charges, then I can be free of these things and live my life more fully for the Lord!

I read the Bible every day, pray and go to Bible study at least once a week now!  I love learning about Jesus Christ and gaining wisdom from God.  I feel so free now, free of guilt and pain that had chained me down and made me a slave to sin my whole life.  There are many temptations here and sometimes I find myself slipping back, but the Lord is always right there to guide me.  Just like it is written in 1Corinthians 10:13.  It is amazing how there is something to help in every situation in God’s Holy Word and the Holy Spirit guides me in all things!

I hope to be out January 11th and I am thinking and feeling that I may be of some help to people who have had or are having problems with drugs or alcohol, as I have much experience with that, I could be an asset to help people, with the Lord, of course!  I have been through 5 treatment programs, have been in prison 2 times, as well as the workhouse and county jail, through NA and AA and none of it helped until I found the Lord Jesus Christ.

And you helped me come to Him and know His great love and patience and forgiveness for me. Thank you again and God bless you.

Sincerely in Christ,