Counseling References

Tom’s leadership and ministry has been a real blessing to our program. We have watched his ministry with our students, his counsel has always been sound, well balanced, and very helpful to our students. The Lord has used him greatly to help our students through the difficult transition from addiction to sobriety.
Tom is a caring, compassionate, empathetic individual. I feel the Lord has given him tremendous insight and wisdom. His ministry here at Minnesota Teen Challenge has always been positive and helpful. Our students have all enjoyed his ministry here. I highly recommend Tom’s ministry to all who seek his help.
Rich Sherber,
Executive Director, MNTC

Tom Brass has been an in-person counselor at Love Lines Crisis Center for approximately three and a half years. His addition to our volunteer staff has been a blessing for both Love Lines and his clients. We receive comments all the time about how much help he is to the people who come here. His counseling has always been sound and practical. His attitude has never been less than professional, and his reliability is without question.
Tom is compassionate, caring, sensible, and reliable. He has been blessed with wisdom and common sense. His work at Love Lines has been a valuable resource to the residents of north east Minneapolis. I would recommend Tom Brass to anyone seeking Christian based counseling.

In Christs Service, Dan Morstad
Director – Love Lines Crisis Center


I am a licensed psychologist and have been working for the last eleven years in the areas of mental health and chemical dependency. I am also a pastor’s wife and familiar with the counseling needs of the local church. For the last two and one half years I have worked at Minnesota Teen Challenge as a Primary Counselor. Tom has worked with me in the areas of counseling and deliverance, as a volunteer, two to three days per week for the last two years. He is consistent and committed to the students, as well as sensitive to their needs. Tom relies on the Holy Spirit for wisdom and uses the Word to instruct and encourage them on a personal level.

Because of the great diversity of problems presented in these students, Tom has had opportunity to experience many types of crisis and need in ministering to them. His experience and availability would be an asset to your counseling department, either as contracted services or as a part of your regular church staff.

Sincerely, Marjorie J Cole  L.P. / C.C.D.C.


I have personally known Tom since February of  1995. During the past several years, I have seen in Tom, remarkable maturity and clear evidence of God’s call upon his life. As his pastor, I have watched Tom minister under the direction of the Holy Spirit, and have seen the Father speak and touch lives through him in unique and beautiful ways.
I give my wholehearted endorsement to Tom Brass as a brother in the Lord and as a minister of the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Kris A. Koppy
Church of God
Coon Rapids, MN


Public Endorsements for the book “Entering His Rest” by R. Thomas Brass
(in freely available excerpt articles throughout this website)

US Congresswoman Michele Bachmann:

“Don’t wait to get a copy of Tom Brass’ latest book, Entering His Rest, an extensive compilation of insights and wisdom that I highly recommend to believers in the body of Christ. Tom’s words are relevant, uplifting, but most of all – liberating. A believer can find freedom in Christ, meaning in life, and spiritual wholeness by allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through Tom’s insights. This is an important book you’ll want to share with those you love.”

 Dr. Earl Gilchrist, Pastoral Counseling Director – Minnesota Teen Challenge:

I truly believe “Entering His Rest” by Pastor R. Thomas Brass is a must read book written to the body of Christ for such a time as this! Tom is a personal friend of mine whom I’ve been privileged to minister with for over five years as Tom volunteered his services to the students at Minnesota Teen Challenge. I am fully persuaded that through this book, Tom is bringing to people the revelation that the greatest dimension of life we can walk in is “LOVE.” This writing reveals for us the practical systematic methods by which we may live a victorious Christian life on a daily basis. In other words, how to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ! It is a must read for anyone desiring to more fully understand their position in Christ. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be asked to endorse this text.

 Dennis and Megan Doyle, co-founders and directors of Hope For The City and Nehemiah Partners. Dennis is also CEO of Welsh Companies. Megan is a contributing author to Women of Destiny Bible by Thomas Nelson Publishers.  Hope For The City

“Whether you are recovering from difficult emotional experiences or just wanting to move closer to God and farther from sin, this book will bring you there. Tom has a remarkable gift to penetrate to the root causes of sin in a gentle and thought provoking way. This book will help believers to be made into the image of Christ!”