Restoring hope by the power of God’s grace!

R. Thomas Brass originally ministered at Minnesota Teen Challenge and Love Lines Crisis Center from 1995 through 2002. He then pastored Abundant Grace Church in Minneapolis/St. Paul from 2002-2011 and is currently ministering to adult clients in the Asheville/Hendersonville, North Carolina area.

At Minnesota Teen Challenge, Tom ministered to both the teens and the adult men and women. They had often struggled through recovery programs repeatedly and unsuccessfully in the past. Many had been involved in activities such as gangs, cults, prostitution and Satanism. The Spirit of God was relied upon to identify the root causes and motivating factors holding these men and women in bondage. Then, through their personal surrender, God began delivering them from the influence of the old nature so they might truly begin to have freedom in Christ.

Jericho Christian Counseling was initiated in Blaine, Minnesota in 1995 and later moved to an office at Abundant Grace Church where Tom was pastor for nine years. Some of the issues that are addressed from a spiritual perspective are: depression, anxiety, problems in marriage and family relationships; addictions, compulsive behaviors, physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse. The Word of God and prayer is applied to bring healing to the soul and peace and joy to the spirit.

Tom is also available to speak on Christian topics or minister with Christian music to churches and organizations.

Tom’s Christian Blog – https://jerichoblogger.wordpress.com/

Tom’s Christian Art – http://thomas-brass.pixels.com/